S4TF News — Issue 97, January 17th 2021

Welcome to the Issue #97 of Swift for TensorFlow Newsletter. A newsletter letter that summarizes weekly activity around the Swift for TensorFlow project.


News and Articles

  • The recording of the 45th SIG Swift Design meeting is now available here. You will find the presentation done by Brad Larson on the details of moving away from building custom toolchains within S4TF, to use the default Swift toolchains. The slides from his presentation can be found here.

S4TF Commits

Swift Compiler (main branch)

  • PR-35379: Registers VJPs for FloatingPoint.[maximum|minimum]. Resolves TF-1134.
  • PR-35366: Removes unused differentiableFunction(from:) and linearFunction(from:).

Swift Models

  • PR-730: Documents models and components in the repository.


Looking to contribute to the project? Have a look at the currently open tickets for starters here.



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