S4TF News — Issue 91, December 6th 2020

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1 min readDec 7, 2020


Welcome to the Issue #91 of Swift for TensorFlow Newsletter. A newsletter letter that summarizes weekly activity around the Swift for TensorFlow project.


S4TF Commits

Swift Compiler (main branch)

  • PR-34901: Adds sdifferentiation benchmarks.
  • PR-34898: Fixes a bunch of places in the *Cloners where we were not closing borrow scopes.
  • PR-34900: Destructs properly AutoDiffLinearMapContext.
  • PR-34893: Makes sure to inherit required protocols during TangentVector synthesis.
  • PR-34886: Bumps-pointer allocates pullback structs in loops.
  • PR-34887: Verifies all autodiff compiler generated functions. when asserts are enabled.

Swift Compiler (tensorflow branch)

  • PR-34943: Changes tensorflow branches to main.

Swift TensorFlow APIs

  • PR-1137: Correct the install rule for swiftdoc.
  • PR-1136: Changes class -> AnyObject protocol constraint.
  • PR-1135: Makes tests compile without hardcoded TangentVector conformances.
  • PR-1133: Adds reflection impl for EuclideanDifferentiable.
  • PR-1134: Changes references to branches from master to main.
  • PR-1069: Reverts non-active try-apply differentiation workarounds.
  • PR-1131: Corrects expected output list for Numerics.
  • PR-1130: Creates the directory hierarchy for Numerics.

Swift Jupyter

  • PR-126: Changes references to branches from master to main.

Swift Models

  • Required changes for changing branch from master to main: PR-712, PR-709, PR-708.
  • PR-710: Makes it compile without hardcoded TangentVector conformances.

TensorFlow documentation

  • PR-577: Changes references to branches from master to main.


Looking to contribute to the project? Have a look at the currently open tickets for starters here.




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